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Benefits Of Hiring Our Mackay Property Maintenance Service

Property maintenance isn’t something that should be taken lightly, regardless of how irrelevant it seems. Most first time homeowners don’t realise just how much property maintenance can mean to their property. Investing in a beautiful house or commercial property isn’t enough on it’s own. If you want to keep it just as beautiful, you need to constantly pay attention to proper maintenance and upkeep.

This is where GreenMan Property Services can help you. As a Mackay property maintenance company, we know exactly how we can help your Queensland property shine. If you’re not convinced you should be spending money on a property maintenance company, just take a look at the benefits of hiring us and you’ll realise why you’re making the right choice.

Nothing beats the convenience of a property maintenance company. You no longer have to worry about finding time to landscape, garden, or take care of your lawn. Your house will always be well-kept and in good repair. Asking a family member to fix something and waiting half a year for them to do it, is no longer necessary.

Our property maintenance company takes care of everything for you. We understand that most people these days lead very busy lives, juggling so much at a time and struggling to get everything done. That’s why we lend our professional hand to help you stay on top of your home maintenance duties, while you focus on your personal life and other matters.

With a property maintenance company like ours, everything is done right here and right now. Our projects begin as soon as you are comfortable with them and don’t drag on for ages. We take care of the business you assigned to us in a short matter of time and we ensure our work is completed to the highest standard.

Life is busy and we understand that you don’t have the time to wait around for those urgent jobs to get done. Our professional team is always at your disposal and we are eager to help get your property in order in a timely fashion. All you have to do is call us, relax and watch the magic happen.

No matter how devoted to cleaning and fixing up the place you are, you can’t deny that a property maintenance company might be more thorough. When you’re doing these errands for yourself, you’re doing them on top of your other work. This means that you’re already tired and just want to get things over with so that you can actually catch a break for a change..

With a property maintenance company like ours, you can finally rest and be assured that work on your property will be completed to the highest standard. You see, as this is our primary source of income, we have all the energy we need to thoroughly take care of your home. It doesn’t matter how big your home is or if we’re taking care of the interior or exterior (or both). Whatever job you assign us, you can be sure we’ll be on top of it quickly and that it will be done thoroughly.

Even when you find time and energy to fix things up around the house, you can never really be sure if what you did was done properly. By hiring a property maintenance company, you’re actually hiring professional help. This means that you never have to worry about how something was done again.
In other words, we’ll know how to fix that door, what’s the best way to bond clean your apartment and how best to landscape your yard. As well as that, we’ll have the professional tools to get all the job done, making things look even more spectacular.

​In the end, no matter what the cost of hiring a property maintenance company might seem, you’ll notice it’s worth it. By hiring a property maintenance company, you’re buying yourself time and relaxation. Instead of constantly trying to make yourself style up your home and being tired, you will finally get to relax and not worry about the house.

Investing in your home or property can be done in many different ways, and hiring a property maintenance company is a sure way to be certain that your property is kept in the best possible condition. Proper care and maintenance are guaranteed. If you do the math, you’ll realise that it would actually cost you more to do everything by yourself. You’d need the tools and the skill, which are already accounted for in our fair price.

Why Choose GreenMan Property Services?

We understand that you can choose between more than one Mackay property maintenance company for the upkeep of your home. That’s why we want you to know why we’re the best choice.

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Our professional approach means you are in the safest of hands at all times.

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Our experienced team works to provide you with a service second to none.

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Our staff have the skills to look after your Residential or Commercial property.

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No matter what you need, we are sure to have the right solution for you.

What our customers say

We understand that you can choose between more than one Mackay property maintenance company in the area, but we’re confident that we’re your best choice if you want a job done properly.


Our Mackay property maintenance company offers you a wealth of experience, our staff are specialists in different areas so we can call on the right person to suit your job. GreenMan Property Services has been in business for a long while and has pretty much seen it all. Thanks to our extensive experience, we’ll be able to handle anything you throw at us. This means that you’ll never have to ask yourself if we can handle the task you assigned us, you will be confident in knowing the job will be done right.


Professionalism comes hand in hand with experience, which is why you won’t find a more professional property maintenance company anywhere else. With us, you’ll know exactly when the project starts, how long it takes, and when it ends. We will provide before and after photographs for your records. There are no surprises and everything is always carried out as per agreement.


Not only are we professional and experienced, but we also genuinely care about the performance of our property maintenance company. We are a family owned company and property owners ourselves. We understand the standard you expect and will work to exceed your expectations.. With us, you’ll always be sure that everything was done just like we were doing it for ourselves. Our team of experts are here because they love their jobs, they care for our customers and they always give 100% to their work.


At GreenMan Property Services, we believe that transparency is the only policy. We’ll agree on a price upfront, so you’ll know exactly how much the services you need will cost. There are no surprises and unforeseen expenses. This allows you to completely control your budget. Our property maintenance company lets you know just how much money you’ll need. Knowing how much things cost upfront allows you to budget accurately for other property repairs or maintenance you may need.