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On time, every time.. Our mowing services will never let you down.


Our experienced horticulturalists will bring your gardens to life.


Complete landscaping services including new build and garden maintenance


Our quality tradesman have years of experience at your disposal.


We know the standard that Property Managers and Landlords expect.


Our experienced horticulturalists will bring your gardens to life.


We know the standard that Property Managers and Landlords expect.


Our quality tradesman have years of experience at your disposal.


What's Our Clients Say

Your Go-To Property Maintenance Service in Mackay

Property maintenance services are one of the most important services you can get for your property. The main reason they’re essential for your property is that they keep it looking new and feeling fresh.

Of course, maintaining a property is a lot of work, regardless of how small or big it is. Aside from that, you never know if you’ve done a good enough job or if you missed something important. That’s why opting for professional property maintenance services is the way to go.

In order to know why you need property maintenance services, you have to know what they include.

General door, window and lock repairs- keeping your property safely secured is of utmost importance to protect your hard earned investment.

Gardening and yard work- The outside of your property needs care and attention too, using a property maintenance service ensures your garden and lawn are kept in great condition ready for you to enjoy.

Cleaning- Professional bond cleaners know how to get your property cleaned promptly and to the highest standard expected from real estate agents.

Painting and decorating- the walls need love, too. Years of life have surely left some not so pretty marks on them and the colours have surely faded. Property maintenance services ensure your walls are always fresh and looking nice.

These are the main property maintenance services every property needs. If you’re interested in anything further, don’t hesitate to contact us as we offer many other services that make your property shine.

Why choose GreenMan Property Services?

We understand that you can choose between more than one company for your property maintenance services. That’s why we want you to know why we’re the best choice.


When it comes to property maintenance services, we’ve got you covered. GreenMan Property Services has been in business for a long while and has pretty much seen it all. Our staff are highly skilled in various areas and thanks to our extensive experience, we’ll be able to handle anything you throw at us. This means that you’ll never have to ask yourself if we can handle the task you assigned us, as you’ll know we can.


Professionalism comes hand in hand with experience, which is why you won’t find more professional property maintenance services anywhere else. With us, you’ll know exactly when the project starts, how long it takes, and when it ends. There are no surprises and everything is always carried out the way we agreed on it.


Not only are we professional and experienced, but we also genuinely care about how well we deliver our property maintenance services. With us, you’ll always be sure that everything gets done just like we are doing it for ourselves. Our team of experts are here because they love their jobs, they care for our customers, and because they always give 100%.


At GreenMan property services, we believe that transparency is the only policy. When requested we will agree on a price upfront, so you’ll know exactly how much your property maintenance services will cost meaning no surprises and unforeseen expenses. This allows you to completely control your budget and lets you know just how much money you’ll need for the property maintenance services. In other words, no other expenses need to be cut just so you can take care of your home.

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